Food Day and a Roasted Baby Beet Salad with Arugula and Torn Mozzarella

What a week in the food world it has been! As many of you know October 24th is Food Day and there are events happening in communities all over the nation to raise awareness and address issues of hunger, health and nutrition, and sustainable farming practices. I’m so excited to have been a part of food day here on Oahu as eating healthy, real food is a top priority for myself and my family.

Want to take a quiz to find out if you eat real? Click here. I got a 94. Pretty good. They docked me for white rice and beer. Hey, no one’s perfect. Seriously though, white rice is a weakness of mine and I imagine it is for many who grew up in Hawaii. I’m going to work on making the switch over to brown rice. Except in the case of sushi, I’ll never do that. [Read more…]

Turkey Meatball Sub

Turkey Meatball SubAll this running is making me hungry. Like I need a turkey meatball sub for lunch kind of hungry!

It doesn’t help that yesterday afternoon my friend Kate from Kailua dropped off fresh, rosemary rolls from Agnes Portuguese Bakery. She is a new friend, but it’s like she’s known me forever. Thank you Kate!

Maybe it’s Oahu that’s making me so hungry. There are so many amazing places to eat here and apparently I intend on finding all of them. I’m like Giada in Weekend Getaways…only much less glamorous and I’m dragging along two kids instead of a stylish tote bag. Touche.

When I was young I would familiarize myself with a new place by finding a record store, a coffee shop and probably a piercing parlor. Now I seem to be on a endless scavenger hunt to find the best places to eat and grocery shop in Oahu. If I know where the prime malasadas and shave ice are, then everything else will just fall into place. Right?

Luckily for me the new Honolulu Magazine is all about must try hole in the wall restaurants. The scavenger hunt continues!

But for now lets talk about meatball subs. [Read more…]