Lentil and Farro “Falafel”

I’ve been trying lots of new things lately in the kitchen and in life.

I find that the older I get the more anxiety I have about this.  It is most important to try new things when you feel a resistance to stepping out of your comfort zone.

Why you ask?

Well for me, it is so I can find the compromise between the person I want to be and the person I actually am.

The person I sometimes think I want to be is a bit of an extremist. She has a clean car, organized closets and she is radiating health from a raw food diet and a day of kayak surfing.


I made I made a raw, vegan cashew cheese. Have you ever had that before? It’s pretty good. But then I remembered that I’m not vegan and not on a raw diet and real cheese is really just so much better. I made it half a day on raw cashew cheese and salad and then had a feeding frenzy snack attack like none other when my kids got home from school.

And as for kayak surfing, the only wave I caught was the shore break that sent kayak, paddle, hat, and myself scattered along the beach in front of a small but notable audience.  Not exactly the graceful ocean exit plan I had in mind. Luckily for me awkward is the new cool. [Read more…]

Carrot Lentil Soup and the First Day of School

What kind of soup you stirring up? (Any P90X grads out there?) Well I am stirring up some Carrot Lentil. I think it’s safe to say this soup is on the P90X diet guide. If you do not already love lentils, you need to get into them! They are delicious, easy to cook and a great vegetarian source of protein.

I will be enjoying a bowl of carrot lentil soup after my date with fitness extraordinaire and life coach Tony Horton. I will also for the first time in months be working out in “peace” since (drum roll, please) I just dropped my kids off at their first day of school!

It went about how I thought it would go. I was the most nervous and had to hold back tears. My preschooler was so excited to play she ran off without saying goodbye. I had to chase her down for my goodbye kiss. [Read more…]