Pulled BBQ Chicken Burger with an Apple Cider Slaw

Chicken and BBQ sauce in the crock pot! Who knew? Apparently everyone besides me, as this is the most popular crock pot recipe out there. You know how you get stuck in food ruts sometimes, where you can’t think of anything to cook besides tacos or spaghetti?

Well, I’ve been stuck in a crock pot rut. I’ve never branched out from my staples and tried anything besides chicken tacos or pot roast. I guess there is no better time than the holidays to dust off that slow cooker and try something new. If you are anything like me you are BUSY!

You are going to love this recipe. Here are a few reasons why I think you should make it.

One, it is so easy. Seriously easy. And fast! All that time you save in the kitchen you could be doing something productive like Christmas shopping, or going to the gym… or just spacing out watching ridiculous YouTubes. Your choice. My gym has decided to play techno Christmas music, a fusion that should never be, so I choose YouTube.

Two, it is one of those yin and yang kind of dishes. Balanced. A fusion that should be! The slaw is so bright, fresh, and colorful, it is a perfect counter to the tangy, tender chicken. Spicy, sweet, and sour. Count me in.

Three, I don’t know why this is but men seem to be very impressed with “meat so tender you can cut it with a fork.” Just an observation guys, don’t mean to stereotype. This would be perfect football food if your man was so lucky. [Read more…]

Tzatziki and a Bug to Travel

I know, I know, I should be braising or baking something. It’s November!  But last time I checked it was 85 degrees outside. I considered blasting the AC and putting on my UGGS, but that seemed expensive and contrived. The oven would hands-down win against the AC, and you would know my heart wasn’t really in it.

Besides, if you want the truth, my mind is a million miles away from the holidays, the crazy month of November and Hawaii.  Once upon a time, before I had children, my husband and I used to travel to exotic places with little-to-no itinerary. Just a general idea of where we would like to go and what we would like to see. [Read more…]