Wild Cherry Tomato Focaccia and My Happy Place

First things first, let’s get this straight. In my happy place I have long, amazing hair. The kind someone might take a picture of and put on Pinterest and title it “Boho Dream Hair”.  I am also an excellent dancer who teaches Zumba for fun on Thursday mornings.  Now you know, whenever we are talking “fantasy world”, those two things are a given for me.

Do you have a happy place your mind automatically goes to whenever you have to do something that sucks? Like when you’re at the dentist, or cleaning toilets, or doing a super intense ab workout?

I do.

In my happy place we live on an organic farm. My husband has a 3 day beard and spends most his time sitting on the deck singing and playing indie folk songs on his acoustic guitar while watching our children play.

Inside our house looks a lot like the inside of an anthropologie catalog. (imagine that) In the late afternoon when the sun shines through our kitchen you can see a fine dusting of flour on the counter. It’s leftover from the cherry, pistachio and goat cheese tart I made earlier.  The cherries came from our tree, my daughters picked them. And the goat cheese? I rode my yellow bike, the one with the basket on it, to the farmers market for that. (Obviously.) [Read more…]