Shrimp Ceviche with Cucumber Salsa

One of the cutest things about kids who grow up in Hawaii is that they eat sushi, sashimi and poke like it’s nobody’s business. I have had many proud mommy’s moments at restaurants on the mainland when my kids have asked for these foods.

My daughter’s favorite thing to eat is shrimp ceviche. Good call little one! It has been since she was one and a half years old.  There is nothing I love more than the shocked look on doctors, teachers, and family’s faces when they ask her what she likes to eat and shrimp ceviche is the answer she gives. It really just warms my heart to hear this. [Read more…]

Tortilla Chip Shrimp with Fresh Corn and Black Bean Salad

I pretty much make the same two New Year’s resolutions every year. Of course I have the usual good intentions of drinking less, eating more brown rice, and reading more non-fiction. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But the two big ones, the two I take seriously are:

1. Floss Everyday

2. Be More Free-Spirited

The main goal I have in mind is happiness. How can one be a good mother, wife, role model, and person if one is not happy?  But just saying I want to be a happier person is much too vague. It’s a big world out there and if you don’t have specifics in mind you could easily get off track and end up somewhere pretty weird. Like at a drum circle at Little Beach. (Unless that’s your thing, then by all means- drum away!)

So it’s important to have action steps to stay focused.

Flossing everyday is pretty straight forward, but you can’t be happy if your teeth hurt…so I keep that one on the list.

Being more free-spirited ironically takes some planning. [Read more…]